KROHNE's FLOW Youth Program – The FLOW concept

Fostering development

FLOW gives children between the ages of 15 and 19 the opportunity to spend two weeks of their holidays in the home of a KROHNE employee in another country. Then, in return, that child's family hosts the child of the family that hosted their child for two weeks.

With FLOW, children can

  • make friends in different countries
  • learn and experience what it means to be independent
  • learn how to handle new and different situations
  • learn a new language or improve existing language skills
  • learn how to function in a different cultural and linguistic setting

What locations are offered?

FLOW started in early 2009 with the major European production facilities in Duisburg (Germany), Dordrecht (Netherlands), Wellingborough (United Kingdom) and Romans (France). In the second step, we extended the program to sites in Malmö (Sweden), Breda (Netherlands) and Samara (Russia). More KROHNE locations will be added soon. We look forward to all future participants!