KROHNE South Africa – About us

The South African company

KROHNE, a world leader in the supply of Process Control and Industrial Instrumentation has been present in South Africa since 1967.

KROHNE South Africa has established its brand as one that is associated with reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

The sectors served by KROHNE comprise the mining, petrochemical, food and beverage, water and wastewater, power generation and manufacturing. KROHNE South Africa has had great success in local, as well as African sectors, of the above-mentioned industries.

This stems from the companies professional approach to all situations, and its commitment to relationship building, as well as the establishment of long-term partnerships with its customers. KROHNE South Africa's standing on these issues is drawn from that of KROHNE throughout the world. KROHNE?S mission and vision statements, are indicative of the companies long-term commitment to progress, foresight and development, pertaining to both its employees, and products.

The company, in addition, remains committed and focused on not only its business interests, but social up-liftment and fair and equitable business practices.

Production facilities:
The production facilities of KROHNE each specialize in different areas of the companies business. All management matters are co-ordinated from the Head Office in Duisburg, Germany. This centre is also responsible for research and development, as well the production of certain items within the companies product range.

The centre based in Dordrecht, Holland, is responsible for manufacturing, calibrating, repairing and testing flow meters from size 2.5mm up to 3.2 metres. The calibration rig at this factory is the biggest and most accurate in the world. KROHNE recently duplicated these facilities in Shangai, China, to cater for the Asian market KROHNE U.K. is responsible for the Coriolis Force mass flow meters.

This single straight tube production facility has recently been expanded to cater for the increasing demand for this specific device. This expansion and increased demand can be attributed to the devices roaring success. Other manufacturing centres include those in France, India, Brazil, and the United States.

Our Future:
The challenges faced by companies in South Africa cannot be compared to organisations in other parts of the world. KROHNE South Africa believes that social upliftment is not just a phrase, but a duty. Organisations in South Africa have at their disposal resources, and the ability to use these resources to better the lives of its citizens.

KROHNE South Africa contributes to social development projects by way of donations and bursaries. The future of this great country lies not in the profit that organizations make, but in the amount that is put back in developing the skills of its citizens. This is our future and the future of all organizations in South Africa. 

Calibration rig in our Midrand facilities for re-calibrations in South Africa