Data and Sensor Management for SMARTPAT PH Sensors

The SMARTBASE is a central data and sensor management for SMARTPAT PH sensors.

The SMARTBASE, with PACTware™ operating philosophy helps with easy handling of sensor data during offline or online calibration and configuration.

Storage function of configuration and calibration data of SMARTPAT sensors can be analysed by statistic modules. Furthermore it is possible to print out calibration certificates for documentation and preparation of audits.


  • Collect sensor data
  • Traceability of sensors
  • Print out of calibration certificates
  • Tag and Tag-Group assignment
  • Create statistic diagrams of selected sensor data entries.
  • Upload of configuration files into a SMARTPAT PH sensor via PACTware™ for fast parametrization of the sensor

Together with the HART USB Interface SMARTBASE it is the ideal solution to handle data of our SMARTPAT pH sensors.


A 30-days-trial-version can be downloaded free of Charge.

Download Trial version