Process Analysis – Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Dissolved Oxygene Measurement

Amperometric measurement of dissolved oxygen

Stable measurements with low maintenance and high accuracy

Amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors are widely used in wastewater treatment plants to control and monitor the biological treatment of wastewater.

In these applications, where ragging to the sensors can be caused by hair and fibres and contamination by biofilm often makes precise measurement difficult, OPTISENS ADO 2000 sensors perform outstandingly. Their robust stainless steel housing has a large diameter, which minimises ragging.

In addition, the special Teflon membrane – abrasion resistant even under severe conditions – as well as the large electrolyte reservoir prolongs service intervals and reduces the drifting of measured values. Through the cartridge system, the whole electrode can be changed easily, enabling fast and clean maintenance.

Optical dissolved oxygen measurement

Precise measurements without recalibration

Optical dissolved oxygen sensors are widely used to control and monitor oxygen concentration during the biological treatment of sewage water.

OPTISENS ODO 2000 from KROHNE is especially designed for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants, where regular calibration and cleaning of the sensors is difficult due to limited maintenance resources.

OPTISENS ODO 2000’s uses of the optical principal interacting with a fluorescent membrane. The integrated spray cleaning nozzle can help to minimise the need for manual cleaning, which means longer intervals between maintenance and calibration. Precision and reliability remain constant.

OPTISENS Dissolved oxygen sensors

Amperometric sensor for dissolved oxygen measurements, with long-life cartridge and automatic cleaning

Low maintenance optical sensor for dissolved oxygen measurements, with automatic cleaning, no recalibration required