More efficiency? – Innovative solutions in gas & steam measurement.

More efficiency? – Innovative solutions in gas & steam measurement

Payback through accurate measurement.

Gas or steam is used in many process industries. When experiencing shortages of resources and rising energy prices it is more important to look at cost-effective, optimal usage. This is only possible with more accurate measurement of product volume. Parameters such as temperature and pressure must also be considered as information as these affect energy efficiency.

Only with pressure and temperature compensation can a true measurement be made which will lead to effective savings. To achieve increased effi ciency in a plant, additional parameters such as measurement errors, leakage, pressure loss and maintenance should be taken into consideration. This is especially true when incorrect measurement techniques are used which can lead to increased pump loads to achieve the process pressures. Unknown or changing process conditions can cause major measurement errors which can have a devastating effect on costs.

Example in a power station

A power station (DN 200 diameter) has a gas pipeline with about 680 million cubic meter gas fl owing through per year. The gas bill, working on about € 0.30/m³ totals about € 204 million. With the installation of an ALTOSONIC V12 that compensates influences like flow profile, contamination and sediment in the medium, the measuring uncertainty was cut by about 50 % in comparison to standard ultrasonic meters. The power station can therefore control the measurement more accurately – in some cases the savings can be more than € 1 million per year. The purchasing cost of the meter is insignificant compared to this saving!

Down with costs, up with efficiency

Down with costs, up with efficiency.

As the leading company in process measurement technology, KROHNE offers an extensive product port folio worldwide, consisting of analytical, flow, level and temperature measurement techniques suitable for the various applications in all industries. In addition, we have several products that are optimised for gas and steam measurement.

KROHNE has developed these four technologies to the optimum. The choice for the most suitable measuring device depends, therefore, not only on the medium to be measured but also on other factors such as pressure, volumetric fl ow rate, temperature and density. Speak to one of our experts – together we will find the best solution for your application.

Clear savings.

A flowmeter from KROHNE is an investment in the efficiency of your plant resulting in substantial savings in costs.

Example in a heating application

Many users assume that pressure and temperature conditions in all processes are always constant. However, fluctuations happen all the time and can cause significant measuring errors. With superheated steam – 190 °C, 5 bar pressure – a pressure increase of just 1 bar will, for example, lead to a measuring deviation of 17.43 % due to density change. With a DN 100 pipe size and energy costs of € 60 per MWh this means a yearly loss of over € 200 000. The OPTISWIRL 4070 C eliminates most of these errors as the pressure and temperature measurement as well as connection calculations are all integrated within the device. The cost for additional pressure and temperature sensors and their installation are thus saved. All measured values are included at the same point in the measurement device, thus it is impossible for separate measurement errors to develop.